Frequently Asked Questions

"I've heard glass bowls don't retain heat well, is this a problem with Crown Hookah brand bowls?"

Generally speaking on the bulk of glass bowls available, this is true, because they are constructed from shoddy glass and blown incredibly thin. The glass we use is inherently much thicker, much higher quality, and we "gather" our bowls down to increase the density of the glass, thus increase the ability to retain heat beyond standards.

"Won't glass break easily or blow up from the heat of coals?"

Despite the general opinion regarding the durability of glass, the type of glass we use is far more durable than any clay or ceramic bowl available on the market. Through a process of properly annealing the glass it also becomes much stronger, and resistant of temperature swing. It can go from scorching hot from use to under a cold stream of water and not be damaged.

"What are the benefits of glass for hookah smoking?"

Alongside the durability, the glass also provides a clean, non porous smoking surface that won't impart any foreign flavors to your tobacco smoke. It is completely cleanable to like-new condition, and since it is constructed from quality glass, it retains heat EXTREMELY well, unlike cheaper, Chinese made glass hookah bowls.

"Do glass mouth pieces improve the smoking experience significantly?"

Aside from varying degrees if airflow improvement, no. Mouth pieces are designed more so for aesthetic value, and comfort the smoker.

"So what is this special glass you use?"

It is commonly referred to as pyrex, although that is a misnomer. We use Schott German Borosilicate tubing, second to none in terms of the quality of the glass.

"What makes your glass hookah bowls so much better than other glass bowls on the market?"

With a rare exception, all glass bowls sold are made from soda lime glass, aka soft glass. This glass has a very poor reaction to temperature swing, doesn't retain heat nearly as well, and is probably made in China. Be weary of glass made in China, as it usually is very poorly made, and the holes are always drilled, which leads to cracking, as well as the possibility for health issues. All glass on our website is proudly made in the USA. We make the BEST Glass Hookah Bowls.

"Do you accept custom orders?"

Occasionally, and under certain parameters. Custom is only available to previous customers, meaning you must have ordered at least once before. There is no "surcharge" for custom, however it must be minimum $50 retail. No discount codes or gift certificates are applicable. 50% Deposit required when the order is accepted. Email for more information.

"I love your stuff, how did you guys get so awesome?"

Because you made us this awesome. Thank you!

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