Collectors Edition

Collectors Edition
This section offers the most extravagant functional glass art available. These are extremely detailed, heavy duty, and beautifully worked mouth pieces. They definitely aren't for everyone, but we think you'll appreciate how gorgeous they are. We sure do.
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"Electrolipse" Collectors Edition 2011
The "Electroclipse" is a collaboration effort that took one of our early Collectors Editio..
"Gem Cluster" Collectors Edition 2012
"Gem Cluster" is another signature mouth piece crafted by award winning artist, Kristian M..
"Green Sea" Collectors Edition Mouth Piece 2015
"Green Sea" is a heavily worked version of our popular disjointed style mouth pieces. It f..
"Ice" Collectors Edition 2011
Justin Jenicke is one of the most revered glass artists in Salt Lake, let alone nation wide. He is a..
"Money Trees" Collectors Edition 2013
This disjointed beauty is worked all over with money green, and crowned with a large, beautiful opal..
"Red Sea" Collectors Edition 2015
"Red Sea" is a heavily worked version of our popular disjointed style mouth pieces. It fea..
"Stairwell" Collectors Edition 2013
Stairwell employs styles unique to this mouth piece. It has twin, stairwell reversals which are work..
"Undead Feline" Collectors Edition 2013
One of the most detailed and worked mouth pieces, this "Undead Feline" is appropriately na..
"Vortex" Collectors Edition 2015
"Vortex" is a sectional mouth piece built on two pieces of midnight black tubing. Built on..
"Whirlpool" Collectors Edition 2014
The Whirlpool is the first piece of art for the 2014 series of our Collectors Edition. It is made in..
***CONGRATS CHRISSY*** "Dios De La Rasta" Collectors Edition 2013
"Dios De La Rasta" is one of the most unique mouth piece styles. It has a black frame wrap..
***SOLD*** "Bob" Collectors Edition 2013
"Bob" is a very appropriately named, extremely unique mouth piece from the 2013 Collectors..
***SOLD*** "Chaos Theory" Collectors Edition 2013
"Chaos Theory" is arguably the most worked of any of the Collectors Edition, and definitel..
***SOLD*** "Chrysophylax" Collectors Edition 2011
This mouth piece is constructed of an expertly worked blue & green frame, accented with purple &..
***SOLD*** "Claw" Collectors Edition 2012
For 2012 our mission is simple: to offer some of the most jaw dropping, incredible functional glass ..