***SOLD*** "Stairwell" Collectors Edition 2013

***SOLD*** "Stairwell" Collectors Edition 2013


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Brand: Crown Hookahs
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Stairwell employs styles unique to this mouth piece. It has twin, stairwell reversals which are worked inside and out, literally. In between the stairwells there is a hand molded lizard-man creature climbing the frame. The taper is sandblasted for added stability.

-Worked Staircase Reversal Sections (2)
-Extremely Thick Construction
-Worked Lizard up Mouth Piece
-Ships with Complimentary Deluxe Storage Case
-Sparkly Green Color Tubing
-Artist Signed & Dated
-Made in Minnesota by Odd Thomas

This glass hookah mouth piece is one of a kind. You will receive the item pictured.