The HD Wand #109

The HD Wand #109

$30.00 - $9.99

Brand: Crown Hookahs
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Product Code: MP-HDWAND-OT
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The HD Wand series allows you to get a beautiful, colorful, thick and worked glass hookah mouth piece for a very economical price. Each one is crafted by hand with varying techniques, giving you a unique, and gorgeous mouth piece without emptying your savings.

-Solid Clear Tubing
-Approx. 6" Long
-Bulb Style Mouth Piece
- Large Holes for Great Airflow
-Fits Any Hookah Hose w/ Removable Mouthpiece
-Silver Fume


One of a Kind - The item pictured is the item you will receive.


Notes: The HD wand originally came out in 2011, filling in a gap between standard Signature Wands, which are very minimal with their work, and the extremely worked Designer mouth pieces. This series gives people an option for a unique mouth piece, for not much more than the standard Wands.