Crown Classic v3.0 - GOG (Female)

Crown Classic v3.0 - GOG (Female)


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The Crown Classic series is an original innovation created by Crown Hookahs. It's a completely different idea that utilizes airflow generated by holes positioned around the inner rim of the bowl, with the tobacco being focused in the center of the head. This concentration allows the heat from the charcoal to be focused in a more central location; ideal for more oily tobacco brands such as Nakhla, Roman, Desi Murli, etc.

Glass hookah bowls offer a non-porous smoking medium, that allows even heating, and complete sterilization, without compromising the quality of the smoke. This, combined with the added airflow from the signature Classic Series holes, allows for a thick, cool smoke, that won't carry flavors. Our bowls are constructed using Schott German Borosilicate tubing, the top choice in glass.

Please note, these bowls are hand made, and will range between 20-30g of capacity. Please leave a note during checkout letting us know what size you would like. If nothing is specified it will be chosen at random.

-Average 4" Tall
-Constructed using Schott Borosilicate
-Average 20-30g capacity
-Signature 5 Hole Crown Placement
-Fits any Hookah w/ Sheer Silicone Gaskets
-Made in Salt Lake City
-19mm(18mm) Female GOG (Glass on Glass) Joint for Glass Hookahs
-Strongly recommended for oily hookah tobaccos (Nakhla, Romman, Al Tawareg, Tangiers, Desi Murli, etc.) 

-The Classic v3 differs from the v2 in the shape of the bowl. The v2 had a more egg shaped bowl, where as the v3 offers a flattened reservoir, allowing a more even ratio of tobacco to charcoal, and effectively eliminating some unneeded capacity.